You’re my lobster.

At Clyde’s, we take our ingredients seriously, and we’re proud to serve lobster from Douty Brothers Seafood in Portland, Maine. Our Commitment to Better means quality you can taste, and our freshly caught Maine lobster is just one way we bring that commitment to our customers.

Started by Dick and Doug Douty in 1980, Douty Brothers Seafood has remained a true family business for almost 40 years. The majority of their lobsters come from Spruce Head Island located in mid-coast Maine. They own a lobster buying station, McLoon’s Wharf, where they supply local lobstermen with bait and fuel. The lobstermen in turn sell them lobsters, making sure they have direct access to lobsters all summer and fall. These lobsters are trucked down to Portland, packed, and then shipped to Clyde’s. McLoon’s Lobster Shack, also part of the family business, is located adjacent to the wharf and has become a favorite spot for locals visitors to the mid-coast area.

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